Parenting coordination is an alternative dispute resolution service for high conflict couples who already have a previously agreed to or court ordered parenting plan. The Parenting Coordinator (PC) helps them to implement their parenting plan in two major ways. The PC coaches, educates and acts as facilitator in order to minimize co-parenting conflict, encourage cooperation, improve problem-solving skills and teach successful strategies for co-parenting. The second function of the PC is to help separated parents to implement, maintain and comply with their parenting plan. When the parents disagree regarding a parenting issue and are unable to come to an agreement on their own, then the issue is mediated by the PC. If the parents do not reach an agreement when an issue is mediated by the PC, then the PC will act as arbitrator and will make a final and binding decision. The PC does not arbitrate regarding legal custody, relocation and/or parenting time schedules, other than those of minor and temporary nature.

Benefits of Parenting Coordination:

  • improves communication between the parents
  • minimizes conflict between the parents
  • minimizes children’s exposure to tension and conflict
  • reduces time spent in court
  • issues resolved quickly: no waiting for court dates
  • flexible times for appointments
  • meetings can be a combination of: in person, by email, and by phone